norwegian airlines

Norwegian Airlines

Pet TrackingDesigning for Trust.

Client: Concept  •  Role: UX Designer   •  Date: January 2019

The Brief

Create a pet-tracking app, to counter bad press on animal treatment in long-haul flights.

  • The client for this group concept project was Norwegian Airlines, one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe that also offers intercontinental flights.
  • We were tasked to create a Pet-tracking System to use on their intercontinental flights (from the UK to the United States and South America)

My role: UX strategy, competitive analysis, user research, design studios, keynote presentation.

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affinity mapping

paper prototype

The Process.


To better understand how Norwegian Airlines can meet the competition, we did a Competitive Research. We also mapped the current experience on the client’s website, when booking a ticket for a pet. Finally, we compared the features of different animal tracking applications.

  • Opportunities: general lack of information, no online booking, competitors don’t carry animals.
  • Common Features: GPS tracking, pet profile, location updates.
  • Norwegian: the information is too technical, booking a flight is not easy or clear.

User Experience

To gain critical insights on how is the current experience of flying with a pet, we sent out a screener and subsequently interview numerous people.

  • Almost 40% of users avoid flying with pets because of lack of trust.
  • People consider their pets as members of their family and demand the same care expected for a human being.
  • When flying with pets users are stressed and worried, before during and after each flight.


Testing & Iterations

We used the Design Studio to quickly create numerous ideas, dot-voting the best parts of each and merge them together. Then we proceeded with many rounds of usability testing and gathered the following findings.

  • Users need reassurance
  • Too much information is counterproductive
  • A careful balance between informing and tracking became the goal

iterations pet profile


What I learned.
Design as a Team

Working on this project has allowed me to expand my knowledge and understanding of the UX process, as well as the benefits and difficulties of teamwork.

  • I learned to be open-minded and accept very different ideas from my colleagues. Every idea is a precious resource and we can build upon them, instead of rejecting them.
  • It was incredibly insightful to see that different kinds of information, and how they are displayed, can influence greatly the user’s experience of a product.
  • The benefits of the Design Studio techniques and voting over talking were one of the biggest learning from this project. And I count on continuing to use them during my career.

To Improve.
Next Steps

Things that could be improved and future steps:

  • Some information that is currently tracked could be eliminated and the application further refined.
  • The information screen is a great opportunity and the content needs to be structured better.
  • The checklist is useful but needs to be implemented with more focus on its technical feasibility.
  • The website of Norwegian Airlines should be designed to incorporate all the necessary information that we already included in the app.

My Experience

  • This was my first team project. Working as a team had its difficulties, but working hard together really allowed us to achieve great results.
  • Understanding the user’s final goals proved extremely important in this project. It was a great exercise of feature prioritization, keeping in mind the business side at the same time.


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