mastercard redesign


Card Management.

Empower users to effectively solve problems in-app.

Client: MasterCard  •  Role: UX Designer   •  Date: March 2019

The Brief

Develop an effective flow for users to manage their pre-paid cards as well as resolve problems like lost/stolen card and PIN recovery.

  • MasterCard wants to allow users to manage their card and solve problems in-app. They asked us to redesign the card management section to provide a clear and simple flow, where users feel secured.
  • As KPI MasterCard will track the number of calls to its service centres. In order to reduce them, we needed to understand the users’ primary needs and goals when different problems arise, especially during holidays abroad.

My role: UX strategy, user interviews, usability testing, affinity mapping, wireframing, keynote presentation.

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design studio

design studio


Banking Applications

We conducted a Competitive Analysis. We also tested the current user experience of the Cash Passport application to understand the current user flow and the users’ expectations when in case of problems.

  • Opportunities: most competitors have many security steps, which frustrate users.
  • Cash Passport: navigation, copy and feedback are areas of possible improvement.

Understand. User Experience

To gain critical insights on how is the current experience of using banking applications (with a focus when travelling abroad), we sent out a screener and then interview numerous users. This allowed us to create a Persona and Scenarios to drive our design phase.

  • Ease of use is the primary focus for card management.
  • Facing problems, users expect speed and quick action.
  • Too many security steps can create a bad experience.

Ideation & Testing

We facilitated a Design Studio with our clients. This allowed us to involve them in the creative process and gather many useful ideas. Then we proceeded with different rounds of usability testing. We used paper as well as mid and high-fidelity prototypes in InVision and gathered the following findings:

  • Users need feedback at all stages and to be reassured
  • The fingerprint is an expected and trusted security measure
  • Well design flows create trust in the app, making the service centre redundant
after journey screen iterations


To Improve.
Next Steps

Various things could be improved and undergo further validation:

  • The option to track the card shipment and its feasibility needs to be further explored.
  • The flow to retrieve the PIN could make better use of the negative space. The option to change the PIN needs to be designed.
  • Real and live feedback for the flow to order a new card could determine a complete redesign of the experience.

What I learned.
Team Work

Working on this project was a productive and gratifying experience. 

  • I learned how to work in a team efficiently and smoothly, cutting discussion and to rely on testing and insights instead.
  • I understood how fostering an environment open to innovation and experimentation can bring out the best efforts from a team.
  • Finally, delivering clear results and recommendations based on actual research and understandable users’ feedback is extremely valuable for you and your clients.

My Experience

  • This was a really rewarding project. It gave our team a deeper understanding of how to work with big clients and their expectations.
  • The MasterCard team was impressed by the results of our research. It created a good base to further develop, before the next product release.
  • Exploring real-world problems, that most users face every day, gave us a clear measure of how every single detail is important for a successful and smooth experience.


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